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Turbosmart Dual Port Blow Off Valve Black Subaru WRX 2015+


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Our latest Type 5 Dual Port BOV made specifically for the 2015 WRX features the innovative new Smart Port drive-by-wire friendly staging technology that gives you the response of a plumb-back valve, with the high performance benefits of a vent-to-atmosphere valve. The Smart Port system involves a new piston manufacturing process utilizing specialized alloys and coatings, along with a revolutionary new vent to atmosphere trumpet design. These new designs allow for very fast response while also providing enhanced sealing. The result is quicker spool-up and better performance on modern drive-by-wire vehicles. 

Smart Piston Design

The new Smart Port piston is made from aerospace alloy, reducing the weight of the piston, and improving the response of the valve. A new military-spec coating technique is applied to the surface of the piston. This low-friction material also helps make the BOV more responsive than any previous Type 5 BOV, plus has excellent wear resistant characteristics – extending the working life of the BOV.

Smart Trumpet Design

Turbosmart’s new Smart Port trumpet allows the use of a softer spring in the body of the BOV to aid in valve response to the plumb back port, while still retaining the ability to vent to atmosphere.

Size -3AN


  • BOV5 Dual Port / Smartport BOV
  • Vacuum Hose, fitting & Clamps
  • Screw in Blanking Port
  • Turbosmart Sticker


  • Subaru WRX (FA20F 2.0T) 2015-2021


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