WRX / STI Spoilers & Wings

Need a new spoiler or wing for your Subaru WRX / STI? Customize your car here at Dirty Racing Products—we have quality products at the best prices, including WRX spoilers and wings. Our WRX / STI  ducktail spoilers make your car more aerodynamic by redistributing air pressure and reducing lift. Not only that, but they also look both impressive and aggressive on your vehicle!

Our carbon fiber WRX / STI wings help you achieve a professional and aerodynamic profile on your racing car. They’ll slice through the air around your car like a hot knife through butter, pushing air where it needs to go and improving your performance. Combine our WRX spoilers with STI wings for unparalleled speed and professional performance.

A rear spoiler and a rear wing are different in the way they redirect airflow.

A spoiler is a barrier that disrupts airflow to reduce airspeed and lift. Spoilers can be used to achieve specific aerodynamic goals, such as:

  • Reducing drag
  • Keeping windows clear
  • Improving fuel efficiency

A rear wing, also known as an automotive airfoil, deflects airflow upward to generate negative lift. Rear wings can be used to:

  • Create downforce
  • Allow a vehicle to corner faster
  • Be more stable at high speeds

Wings are more noticeable than spoilers and tend to be in clear air.

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