Coil Packs

Does your ignition need a little extra spark to get your vehicle running the way you like it? Increase your potential by installing a new coil pack in your ignition. Dirty Racing Products offers a wide variety of ignition coil packs that work with various makes and models. For example, our selection of Subaru coil packs will significantly improve the performance of your Forester, Legacy, or WRX.

Coil packs are indispensable parts of a functioning ignition system. They transform low-voltage power from the car’s battery into a big enough spark to ignite the fuel and air in your engine’s combustion chamber. Replace your old pack with a fresh ignition coil pack from Dirty Racing Products today!

Need help choosing the right coil pack for your car’s make and model? Have any questions about the coils in our collection? Feel free to contact us today for further assistance.