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Red Line Supercool w/ WaterWetter 1 Gallon - Powersports


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Red Line SuperCool with WaterWetter maximizes cooling system performance in gasoline and diesel engines with superior protection, reducing operating temperature by up to 20 degrees F. This product doubles the wetting ability of water to improve heat transfer and reduce cylinder head temperatures. Compatible with all glycol antifreeze and coolants, WaterWetter contains corrosion inhibitors to satisfy the same ASTM corrosion tests that glycol-based antifreezes are designed to pass (ASTM D2570 and ASTM D1384). Red Line's WaterWetter provides excellent rust and corrosion protection for modern cast iron, aluminum, and brass systems. Use SuperCool with a long-life antifreeze if freezing temperatures are to be encountered. SuperCool does not contain antifreeze and its freezing point is 32 degrees F, or 0 degrees C. Must be diluted with water, distilled water highly recommended. 5 year / 150,000 mile protection.

  • Maximizes cooling system performance with superior protection against cavitation corrosion/erosion
  • Enhances heat transfer, reducing operating temperatures by up to 20°F
  • FOR ALL MAKES / ALL MODELS / ANY COOLANT COLOR: Cars, SUVs, and minivans; Trucks: Light and Medium Duty
  • 5 year / 150,000 mile protection
  • Compatible with gas and diesel engines
  • Safe for cast iron, aluminum and brass systems
  • See product information sheet for additional information
  • Must be diluted with water - distilled water highly recommended

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