Project Kics Hubcentric Rings 75mm to 67.1mm (1 Piece)

Project Kics Hubcentric Rings 75mm to 67.1mm (1 Piece)


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Project Kics Bimecc Hub Centric Rings are designed to fill in the gap between the hub of the car and the center bore of the wheel. Most wheel manufacturers design their wheels with a centerbore large enough to fit on most cars. Therefore, since wheel manufactures make their center bore large enough to fit most cars, most wheel fitments have a gap between the hub and the centerbore. This gap usually doesn't allow for the wheel to fit hubcentric but rather lug centric which causes vibration. Therefore, to fill the gap and ensure the fitment is hubcentric, hub rings are used.

  • 1 Piece
  • Outer Diameter: 75mm
  • Inner Diameter: 67.1mm

Installation Notes:

  • Hub centric ring with brim (U part number) may not be installed depending on the shape of the wheel.
  • Some wheels match the genuine hub diameter. Please check the wheels when purchasing.
  • When installing genuine wheels (including spare tire wheels), be sure to remove the hub centric ring from the vehicle body.
  • Installation may be difficult due to dirt on the vehicle hub and wheels. Before installing, clean it thoroughly with a brush etc. before installing.

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