NGK Laser Iridium Long Life Stock Heat Spark Plugs STI 2004-2007 / Legacy GT 2005-2009 (ILFR6B) - Set of 4 - Dirty Racing Products

NGK Laser Iridium Long Life Stock Heat Spark Plugs STI 2004-2007 / Legacy GT 2005-2009 (ILFR6B) - Set of 4


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NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs offer the best combination of performance and longevity. Engineered specifically for OE applications, Laser Iridium spark plugs are tested to the highest standards to ensure quality and durability. Iridium tipped center electrode provides durability six times harder than platinum. NGKs high grade pure alumina ceramic and 98 percent pure copper core prevents the spark plug from overheating while providing reliable starts. Most Laser Iridium spark plugs feature a platinum pad on the ground electrode for even wear in distributorless ignition systems.

ACTUAL OE or EQUIVALENT DESIGN: OEM quality construction fine wire iridium alloy center electrode provides consistent performance

IRIDIUM ALLOY CENTER ELECTRODE: Iridium's density (6x that of platinum) and extremely high melting point is perfect for modern high efficiency engines

PLATINUM TIP GROUND ELECTRODE: Unless OE specified, platinum protection at the ground electrode provides excellent ignitability and service life

SOLID COPPER CORE: 98% pure copper core offers superior heat dissipation, conductivity and ultra wide heat ranges

TRIVALENT METAL PLATING: Delivers superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties, ensuring ease of installation and removal

RECOMMENDED USAGE: Best for vehicles with OE fine wire iridium alloy plugs


    • Center Electrode Core Material: Copper
    • Center Electrode Tip Material: Iridium
    • Electrical Terminal Type: Non-Removable Nut
    • Ground Configuration: Standard
    • Ground Electrode Core Material: Nickel
    • Ground Electrode Tip Design: Standard
    • Hex Size: 5/8 in
    • Insulator Height: 50.50 mm
    • Manufacturer Heat Range: 6
    • Pre-Gap Size: .032 in
    • Reach: 26.5mm
    • Resistance: 5000 Ohms
    • Seat Type: Flat
    • Thread Diameter: 14.00 mm

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