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Motul 8100 X-Cess 5W40 Gen 2 Engine Oil - 5L (1.3 gal.)


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The Motul 8100 X-Cess Gen 2 Motor Oil is a high-performance fully synthetic motor oil designed for the latest modern vehicles with large displacement engines. These engines include gasoline, diesel, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, as well as indirect or direct injection.

The Gen 2 motor oil is a 100% synthetic lubricant specifically designed for powerful and recent cars fitted with large displacement engines, gasoline and diesel, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, indirect or direct injection.

  • Fuel economy oil also meets ACEA A3 and B4 standards
  • For petrol engines and diesels equipped with particles filter
  • Maximum oil film resistance at very high temps (engine wear is reduced)
  • Low volatility (oil consumption is reduced)
  • Friction modifier (maximum power output, decreased operating temperature)
  • High sheer stability (stable oil pressure regardless of operating conditions)


  • 5W40 viscosity
  • 100% synthetic
  • For large displacement engines
  • For the latest gasoline and diesel engines in both turbocharged and naturally aspirated applications
  • Also for indirect and direct-injected vehicles
  • Reduces friction and ensures resistance to very high temperatures in modern engines
  • Anti-oxidation, anti-wear, and anti-corrosion properties to provide your engine with the ultimate in protection
  • Sold individually in a 5-liter container

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