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Motive Products Import Power Bleeder Kit


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The Motive Products Import Power Bleeder Kit utilizes pressurized brake fluid to efficiently remove air and old fluid from your brake lines. By filling the pressure tank with clean fluid, attaching the Power Bleeder cap to the fluid reservoir, and using the built-in hand pump and pressure gauge to pressurize the system, you can easily achieve optimal results. This versatile kit is compatible with various master cylinders and includes the pressurized bottle with an integrated pressure gauge, a manual hand pump, and a connector for the brake master cylinder. For added convenience, it can also be connected to the clutch master cylinder with the included adapters. Simply connect the hose to the brake master cylinder, pump it up a few times to build pressure, and open the bleeder valves on each caliper as needed. With this kit, you can easily and effectively bleed your brakes by yourself.

  • Designed to allow brake bleeding jobs to be performed by one person
  • Can be used to bleed your brakes or bleed your clutch
  • The bottle acts as a pressurized cylinder
  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • Includes cap adapters to fit the OEM clutch master cylinder cap

Note: We have seen issues with some mid 2000 to late model year Fords and Nissans that have thicker tabs than the majority of vehicles. Some years and models will have the thinner tabs and the minority will have the thicker tabs. Please make sure you view the reservoir photo to see the correct tab size.

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