iBuildRacecars FLX02 Upgrade Kit Subaru STi 2008-2021 - Green Speed Compatible
iBuildRacecars FLX02 Upgrade Kit Subaru STi 2008-2021 - Green Speed Compatible

iBuildRacecars FLX02 Upgrade Kit Subaru STi 2008-2021 - Green Speed Compatible


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Just the bare bones for upgrade to iBR’s Green Speed compatible flex fuel controller  iBR’s latest flex fuel controller is here! This system retains all TGV function and is compatible with Cobb’s latest tuning software

This kit is designed to provide a way to data log and monitor the ethanol content and be compatible with Cobb’s latest version of their tuning software. Our proprietary controller reduces complications by generating its own on board 12V supply to power the sensor. This reduces wiring, installation time and improves reliability. Our system also properly references the ECU 5V power to provide the most consistent and accurate data. The kit also comes with a custom wiring harness that can be detached from the controller to make any troubleshooting and repairs simple and painless.

This kit is compatible with our standard FPS01 Fuel Pressure sensors. A great addition when you are pushing your fuel system to its limit with the higher flow rates of E85 mixtures.


  • 2008-2014 STi
  • 2015-2021 STi


This kit is specifically designed to work the latest Cobb “Green Speed” tuning packages. Please work with your tuner to understand what options they have to tune your car as compatibility may vary tuner to tuner. If you are looking to replace older flex fuel kits without the need to retune take a look at our FLX01 Kits or FLX01 Upgrade Kits.

Key Benefits:

  • Replaceable wiring harness that will be sold separately
  • Automotive grade wiring
  • No need for 12v supply from boost control solenoid circuit
  • Installation can be done from the top with no need to crawl under the car
  • Properly referenced analog output from ECU 5V for better accuracy
  • Potted housing with solid pin connector for the ultimate in durability

Included in the kit:

  • FLX02 Flex Fuel Sensor Controller
  • Wiring harness specifically designed for 2008 to 2021 STi

This product will not ship to California. It is not CARB approved. We do not feel that this product alters or changes the emissions systems on the car but due to the California regulations we cannot currently ship to that state

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