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GrimmSpeed 2 Bolt 2.25"/2.5" Exhaust Gasket - Subaru BRZ / FR-S / 86


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A Heavy Duty Multi-Layer 2. 25 Inch/2. 5 Inch Gasket with ALL Stainless Layers and Fire-Ring. If you've dealt with sourcing exhaust gaskets before, you know that there are a lot of different options at a lot of different price points.

Unfortunately, a gasket with stainless, multi-layer construction and guaranteed quality is nearly impossible to find. Until now. At GrimmSpeed, we have worked with endless amounts of aftermarket gaskets, none seem to work as well as the multi-layer steel gaskets.

The issue with the Most exhaust gaskets is that even if they're multi-layer, they're Not completely constructed of Stainless Steel which leads to leaks. Well GrimmSpeed has your answer, a premium multi-layer Stainless Steel w/ Stainless Steel fire-ring gasket at a great price.

This particular gasket is Designed to fit Most 2-bolt Subaru 2. 5 Inch applications. We've provided dimensions below, so that you can verify Fitment prior to purchase!

  • 304 Stainless Steel Fire-Ring
  • 5x Stainless Steel Layers
  • 'Universal' 2-Bolt, 2. 25-2. 5 Inch configuration

Applications: 2013 Subaru BRZ (used 3 times in the factory exhaust) 2013 Toyota FRS/86 (used 3 times in the factory exhaust) The term universal is used loosely, here.

Of course, we can't guarantee Fitment for every possible current and future 2. 25-2. 5 Inch exhaust systems. For that reason, please use the dimension drawing below to verify your Fitment.

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