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Killer B FA20 WRX Air/Oil Separator w/ Plumbing


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The goal of this product is simple, the removal of oil (in liquid or vapor form) from the vented crankcase gasses. This is accomplished by using a design that has no restrictions; media or baffles, to reduce the flow potential of the crankcase and head vents. The benefit of this is improved evacuation of crankcase gasses, better ring seal, reduced oil consumption and improved power potential. 

• Accelerated flow of blow-by gasses forces suspended oil droplets out of suspension. Centrifugal filtration is a proven process for separation of many particle types and sizes. The application in automotive applications has mostly been in use with high dollar sports cars and racecars.


• Collected oil drains back into the crankcase where it belongs.


• Applies vacuum to the crankcase improving ring seal, reducing oil consumption and improving power potential.


• No media to clean/replaces or baffles to inhibit crankcase flow


• Easy to clean and install


• Made of billet and TIG welded 6061-T6 Aluminum


• Killer B Motorsport push-lock barb fittings require no hose clamps


• Motorsport grade hoses (optional)


• Made in the U.S.A.


• Lifetime Warranty


This unit does have scratches, but it does not effect the functionality of the unit.

2008-2014 WRX/STi

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