What To Consider When Choosing a Bumper Guard for Your Car

What To Consider When Choosing a Bumper Guard for Your Car

Bumper guards are considered by many to be essential accessories for every car. Whether you’re racing, off-roading, or simply driving to the grocery store, a bumper guard offers an extra layer of protection against dings, dents, and scratches.

Can you put any old bumper guard on your car and call it a day? Perhaps, but it’s wise to know what your options are and how each option can benefit your car. As you choose a bumper guard for your car, keep these considerations in mind. Shop smart with the help of this guide from Dirty Racing Products.

What Is a Bumper Guard?

If you’ve never shopped for a bumper guard before, you may be wondering what to look for. A bumper guard is a set of foam pads or vertical metal bars you can attach to the front or rear bumper of your car.

The purpose of a bumper guard is to protect the front or rear of your car from damage. It provides an extra layer of cushioning against impact, so if you get into a fender-bender or other minor accident, your car won’t get dented. The energy of that impact is absorbed by the frame of the bumper guard instead of the bumper itself.

Types of Bumper Guards

There are several bumper guard varieties on the market, each with its own mounting style and individual benefits. Which one will best fit your car?


Are you unsure whether you want to have a bumper guard on your car at all times? If you’re just trying out a bumper guard on your car, consider a stick-on model. As the name implies, this type of guard uses a strong adhesive to stick to your car. It’ll be easy to remove if you want to take it off or replace it with another model.

License Plate Mount

A bumper guard that mounts to your license plate provides strong protection for the center of your car. While it does offer some protection to the corners of your bumper, it won’t be as strong or reliable in those areas.

Hitch Mount

If you drive an SUV and want some extra protection on your rear bumper, attach a bumper guard to your trailer hitch. Hitch mounts are popular with larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs. If you plan to buy a hitch-mounted bumper guard, make sure you have a receiver hitch on your car.

Truck Mount

If you’re particular about your car’s appearance, consider installing a truck-mounted bumper guard. This type of guard flips down when your car is parked to streamline its look. The lone downside of this style is that it won’t protect your bumper if someone runs into your vehicle while it’s parked.

Factors To Consider As You Shop

Whether you visit an auto parts store or browse online for the perfect Subaru bumper guard, think about the following elements as you make your choice.


Do you want to purchase an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket bumper guard?

Original equipment manufacturers take pride in the quality their brand names carry with them. When you buy OEM parts, you know for a fact they’ll fit your car perfectly.

However, that’s not to disparage the high quality of genuine aftermarket parts. Aftermarket bumper guards are manufactured with the same reliable materials as their OEM counterparts, and many aftermarket options fit a variety of vehicles. If you’re not picky about brand names and want to save a little cash, an aftermarket bumper guard may be your best bet.


Bumper guards come in a variety of materials, from foam to metal to industrial-grade rubber. What type of protection do you want for your vehicle?

Industrial-quality materials will provide the most protection and peace of mind. High-quality rubber and foam will absorb impact from other vehicles without damaging the body of your car.

Level of Protection

How much protection do you want to have for your car’s bumpers? Some car enthusiasts prioritize protection, some prefer a more streamlined look, and others try to strike a balance between aesthetics and safeguards.

Think about your lifestyle and what you like to do with your car when you shop for bumper guards. If you go off-roading often, a heavy-duty bumper guard will offer protection commensurate with your needs. Meanwhile, if you mostly use your car for everyday street driving, a truck-mounted bumper guard will keep your bumper safe without adding too much bulk.


Before you purchase a bumper guard, read the measurements carefully. Measure the dimensions of your front and rear bumpers, and keep those numbers with you as you shop. You don’t want to buy a new bumper guard on impulse, only to learn upon its arrival that it doesn’t fit on your car.

A bumper guard that is too small for your car can cause damage to the exterior as you try to install it. Alternatively, a guard that’s too big can add unnecessary bulk and cause safety issues while driving. Make sure you buy a bumper guard that will fit your car like a glove.

Benefits of Installing a Bumper Guard

How can a bumper guard benefit your car? Several factors might encourage you to install one. Let’s look at a few upsides to having that extra protection.

Save Money

If you get into a car crash of any kind, your insurance may cover most of the repairs—but not all of them. Some insurance policies won’t pay for smaller cosmetic repairs, like fixing scratches or fender damage. Should you get into a fender-bender on the road, a bumper guard will protect your car from small damages your insurance might not cover.

Keep Tailgaters at Bay

What’s more annoying than a driver riding your bumper? Installing a rear bumper guard allows you to force a little extra distance between you and the impatient driver behind you. If you have to stop suddenly, the tailgater will make contact with your bumper guard, not your actual vehicle.

Protect Your Prized Possession

If you’re browsing the car parts offered by Dirty Racing Products, you probably care deeply about the integrity and overall condition of your car. A bumper guard offers you valuable peace of mind when you’re behind the wheel, as you’ve added a layer of protection between your beloved car and any potential damage.

Are you considering choosing a bumper guard for your car? A bumper guard is a valuable investment in the long term, so choose wisely as you shop. Dirty Racing Products carries a wide variety of bumper guards that will protect vulnerable parts of your car from numerous types of damage.

What To Consider When Choosing a Bumper Guard for Your Car