Turbo Kit Basics: Everything You Should Know

Turbo Kit Basics: Everything You Should Know

What is a turbo kit? How can you use one to improve your car’s performance?

A turbo kit includes several components, the chief one being a turbocharger, which is essentially a super-powered air compressor that redirects energy from your exhaust system back into the engine. Regular cars use atmospheric air to create the combustion reaction that makes the vehicles go, but a turbocharger increases the power of that reaction with additional air.

Read on to discover everything you should know about turbo kit basics.

How Does a Turbo Kit Work?

Turbo kits provide extra power to your engine by forcing air from your exhaust line through a compressor and back into your engine. The high volume of compressed air provides a more powerful combustion reaction with your fuel source, and a bigger combustion means more engine power.

What’s In a Turbo Kit?

When you choose a Subaru turbo kit from the selection available at Dirty Racing Products, the kit will include the following essential components.


This is the most important part of your turbo kit. The turbocharger is the actual air compressor that forces more air into your engine to create that powerful combustion.


This component is a radiator of sorts. It cools the compressed air after it leaves the turbocharger, but before it reaches the engine. Proper cooling is essential to prevent dangerous overheating and pre-detonation of your engine.

Manifold and Downpipe

These elements help you hook up the turbo kit to your car’s existing components. The manifold allows you to mount the turbocharger onto the engine, while the downpipe connects it to your existing exhaust system.

Intake and Intercooler Piping

The piping in turbo kits is extra strong because it needs to move super-pressurized air through your turbocharged system. These pipes connect your engine’s air filter with the turbocharger’s intake port, as well as connect the compressor outlet to your intake manifold and intercooler.

Supply Lines

All turbocharged engines need oil supply lines to keep the system lubricated. Coolant supply lines may also be necessary if your engine isn’t water-cooled.

Choosing a Turbo Kit

As you browse online for turbo kits, take care to choose one made with your car’s make and model in mind. Many of these components are usable on a variety of models, but there is no one-size-fits-all kit.

While size matters in regard to engine power, installing a massive turbocharger can cause turbo lag in your car. Turbo lag is the time gap between pressing down on the throttle and feeling the sudden rush of torque. If you want high power without much lag, consider installing a twin turbo kit, which contains two smaller turbochargers instead of one big one.

Looking to give your engine a crucial boost in power? Dirty Racing Products is here to provide the basics of what you need to know about turbo kits. The right turbocharger can make all the difference in your engine’s horsepower.