Spoilers and Wings: The Differences Explained

Spoilers and Wings: The Differences Explained

Wings and spoilers can improve the aerodynamics of your car by redirecting airflow to reduce resistance. However, the two parts are not the same! Dirty Racing Products is here to explain the differences between these two accessories and help you decide which one is best for you.

What Does a Wing Do?

A vehicle wing looks similar to an upside-down airplane wing, with a space between the wing and the surface of the car. Wings are common on race cars and other high-performance vehicles that go fast and execute sharp turns.

Wings catch the air that comes off the roof and redirect it down to generate downforce. That force pushes the back of the car down, keeping it firmly planted on the pavement and allowing for quick and effective turns.

What Does a Spoiler Do?

While a wing has space between the car and the component, a spoiler attaches directly to the vehicle to disrupt airflow over the roof. Spoilers used to be exclusive to rally cars and race cars, but they’re popping up on more passenger vehicles these days.

Attaching a spoiler to the front or back of your car reduces excess airflow and lift. The downforce it generates is similar to that of a wing, but for a different reason. The airflow disruption of a spoiler, like the WRX ducktail spoiler, helps drivers of high-performance cars maneuver more easily at fast speeds. It also reduces turbulence for better fuel economy and handling!

Which Is Better for You?

Wings and spoilers are often used in conjunction with one another on high-performance vehicles like race cars. If you want to add only one to your vehicle, think about its purpose and how improved aerodynamics can benefit you.

Installing wings on your vehicle will encourage greater downforce that can propel your vehicle at very high speeds. However, if you’re just going to the grocery store, a wing may not improve your road performance at a noticeable level.

Passenger cars are great candidates for spoilers because they provide benefits at street driving levels. Their airflow disruption (or “spoiling”) reduces drag and improves fuel economy, no matter your speed.

What are the differences between spoilers and wings? They redirect airflow in different ways. Depending on how fast you drive your car, one component may benefit you more than the other. No matter which aerodynamic solution you choose, Dirty Racing Products carries plenty of wing and spoiler options for your perusal.