OEM vs. Aftermarket Subaru Parts: What Are the Differences?

OEM vs. Aftermarket Subaru Parts: What Are the Differences?

A good Subaru, fresh off the lot, can go a long way. These vehicles offer great utility and are perfect for many different walks of life. However, many people like to invest in their vehicles to get more out of their cars. That’s why there’s such a big marketplace for aftermarket Subaru parts, as they differ greatly from the standard OEM parts.

What Are OEM Parts?

OEM or original equipment manufacturer parts are the original parts of the vehicle that come with it off the manufacturer’s line. The base model of your Subaru is all OEM parts, which means that every Subaru model uses the same OEM parts.

The Benefits of OEM Parts

OEM parts are inherently beneficial as they work with the vehicle and help get it ready for use. However, there are more benefits that come with OEM parts than just operating a vehicle. There are very good reasons why you might stick with using the OEM parts instead of switching to some aftermarket modifications.

Reliability and Consistency

One of the biggest benefits of using OEM parts is that the parts will always work for your vehicle. They do what you want them to do and will work with your model. These parts may not offer the best performance in the world, but you can count on them. Aftermarket modifications can cause issues since they may not stand up to the same standard as the OEM parts.

Always Available

OEM parts are the most readily available on the market, with many mechanics carrying them in their shops. This factor makes repairs and replacements easy and quick, saving you time and money whenever you need to replace your parts. However, some OEM parts do break down quicker than their aftermarket counterparts.

Easy To Work With

Because OEM parts are the standard parts for the vehicle, they’re a lot easier to work with than most aftermarket modifications. These parts come exactly as you need, fitting in perfectly with the original design of the vehicle.

What Are Aftermarket Modifications?

Aftermarket modifications and parts are items you purchase and install into your vehicle that don’t come with the base model. These parts can range from simple lighting upgrades to whole-engine upgrades. You can find dozens of modifications that change your vehicle in subtle and significant ways from sellers all across the country.

The Potential of Aftermarket Modifications

The purpose of aftermarket modifications is to change how the base vehicle works. The exact change depends on the exact modification you install, but these parts generally seek to improve one or more functions of the vehicle. Read on to explore a few ways modifications can change your Subaru.

Better Performance

Many people want more performance out of their vehicles, which means they seek more power and efficiency from their engines. There are several Subaru performance parts that improve your vehicle, such as a cold air intake or specialty tires. These parts will help you get more speed out of your vehicle and carry larger loads in your car.

Increasing Safety

Safety is a significant concern for anyone behind the wheel, which is why so many modifications try to improve the driver’s safety. For example, modifications that upgrade your brakes can help people prevent and avoid accidents. Several modifications on the market can make your ride much safer for you and everyone else on the road.

Improving Control

Turning while driving at high speeds is a difficult and dangerous task, but it becomes easier with the proper modifications. Swapping out your suspension systems to coilovers can help keep your wheels on the ground, and investing in tires with more grip can make turning easier and faster.

Vehicle Protection

Some mods focus more on protecting the vehicle from various dangers on the road. Wear and tear can slowly break down your vehicle parts, but these mods aim to prevent as much wear as possible. For example, side skirts can prevent dents and damage from debris. Bumper guards can protect from small accidents and the effects of bad weather. These mods can save you money on maintenance and car care over the years.

More Utility

You will also come across mods that aim to add additional utility to the vehicle. Items such as light racks can brighten the area around your vehicle and make it easier for others to see you when driving in the dark. Another common utility mod is an additional storage solution, such as underseat storage or a trunk storage organizer. These mods are very popular because almost everyone can use more storage in their vehicles.

Which Should You Choose?

Now that you know a bit more about the differences between these parts, the main question is whether you should use OEM parts or try to get aftermarket modifications. Sadly, there’s no one right answer that works for everyone, as it all depends on what you need and have access to. In this section, we will explore the nuance of the situation to give you the best answer possible.

Mixing and Matching

One thing to know about choosing between OEM and aftermarket parts is that you don’t need to commit fully to one decision. There’s no reason you can’t install some aftermarket modifications for your vehicle while keeping most of the OEM parts at the same time. In fact, this is what most people do, as it’s often too expensive to switch out every part of a vehicle for mods. However, picking out the exact mods and parts you want takes careful consideration.

Prioritizing Your Needs

The best method you can use to decide if you should use OEM parts or aftermarket modifications is to determine your needs. Every person uses their vehicle for different purposes, whether driving from point A to point B or relying on the Subaru as a work vehicle. The best thing you can do is figure out what you want your vehicle to do and get modifications that help it achieve its purpose. This way, you only invest the minimum as you work to attain your dream vehicle.

In the end, the decision to stick to OEM parts or get aftermarket modifications is up to you and should reflect what you want. There’s no set of mods that’ll work for everyone, and you’ll get your perfect vehicle only when you understand what you want and how to get it.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Subaru Parts: What Are the Differences?