5 Must-Have Engine Dress-Up Accessories To Know About

5 Must-Have Engine Dress-Up Accessories To Know About

The stock setup of most engines isn’t too concerned with looking glamorous, so the engine bay looks much different than the rest of the vehicle. It’s function over form. However, you can get a better look for your vehicle without hurting its performance by adding these must-have engine dress-up accessories.

Engine Caps

Replacement caps for your engine are among the best accessories you can get for your engine. The normal caps in your vehicle get the job done, but they normally don’t look clean or pretty. New caps are small changes that instantly makes your engine look good.

Radiator Shroud

Enhancing the appearance of the large parts of your engine is tricky. A radiator shroud covers the radiator of your vehicle with a slick and clean accessory. With this addition, your engine will look its best even if the radiator doesn’t.

Engine Covers

Just like with the radiator shroud, a good engine cover can hide a gnarly engine so your vehicle looks nice and neat under the hood. Find a kit that matches your vehicle specifications, such as the Subaru engine dress-up kit, to get the right cover for your vehicle’s engine.

Dress-Up Bolts

To continue making your engine look as good as possible, start working on the bolts. Dress-up bolts are specialty items that look great and are extremely durable. They are ideal for anyone looking to improve their engine’s looks.

Battery Mount

A battery mount is a great way to frame the battery and separate it from the other parts. This accessory can make your engine bay look that much better while holding the battery in place.

Dipstick Handle

One of the most obvious parts of your engine is the dipstick handle. A great accessory for engine dress-up is a new dipstick handle to make your vehicle look its best under the hood.

Any of these modifications to your vehicle look amazing, especially when you get them all together. You’ll soon have an engine that looks better than ever, and you can proudly show it off to everyone!