5 Must-Have Aftermarket Mods for Your Subaru

5 Must-Have Aftermarket Mods for Your Subaru

When it comes to the Subaru WRX/STI or any other model, the vehicle comes out great off the lot. However, you can make several improvements to your vehicle to make it something you can really rely on. Here’s a look at some of the aftermarket modifications that are perfect for a Subaru.


This should be the first mod when owning a Subaru. The Accessport is the world’s best-selling, most flexible, and easiest-to-use ECU upgrade solution for your Subaru. The Accessport allows you to replace stock factory settings with more aggressive tweaks to unlock free power hidden within your ECU. This is the last engine management solution you’ll ever need.

Engine Improvements

Sometimes you want more power from your engine to hit those higher speeds and still have enough strength to climb hills or go about your day at whatever speed you desire. However, the base model engine of the Subaru could use a boost to help get that strength. That’s why investing in several performance engine parts is key for a Subaru.

Better Suspension

The OEM suspension system that comes with your Subaru WRX/STI can handle a lot, but you can always look for enhanced suspension to improve your ride. Better suspension means better control on uneven roads and driving on the street. Additionally, your ride will be that much smoother in the end.

New Brakes

Better performance and higher speeds should always come with more safety, which is why new brakes are an important part of any vehicle upgrade. You want more control over your vehicle, and brakes will give you the best form of control out of any modification you can get.

Cold Air Intake

The standard Subaru is capable of many things, but some of the parts restrict its capabilities. This is why the cold air intake can be so useful, as it helps your engine get the air it needs to power the vehicle. It’s a must-have mod for any Subaru that leaves the lot and is something you should consider getting.

These modifications are a great addition to a vehicle. Some people will need more extensive modifications to meet all their vehicle needs, while others may only change one or two things. It all depends on what you want out of your Subaru.