4 Advantages of Rotating Your Turbo System

4 Advantages of Rotating Your Turbo System

A turbo system allows you to improve your vehicle. However, you face a major choice to make when you have your turbo: whether you should rotate it or not. There are a lot of customization opportunities that come with rotating your turbo, and doing so has a variety of advantages that can make it more than worth it. Read on to explore some of those benefits.

Wider Variety of Choices

One of the main reasons why people like to rotate their turbo system is doing so gives you more options. Rotating the turbo uses a lot of the space you cannot use in your engine, which means you can fit different turbos in your vehicle, even if they are not for your model. Many modification shops sell special kits to make it easy to install a rotated turbo. For example, you can get an WRX rotated turbo kit for your everyday Subaru, or an STI kit for your track-built racer.

Fitting in

Turbo systems are complex and need a lot of pieces to connect to the engine and the rest of the vehicle. The system can therefore be difficult to fit under the manifold. Rotating the turbo pulls the system out of the limits of the manifold so that you can use bigger and better manifolds beyond the stock options.

Better Space Utilization

When you turn the turbo, the space where the stock turbo normally sits is now open. This change is perfect for those looking to install other modifications and customizations in the vehicle. Creating this extra space is a fantastic way to get future upgrades for your vehicle outside the turbo system.

Improved Airflow

Airflow is vital for the performance of a turbo, as the intake of air into the system helps with efficiency. If you want to maximize the turbo, you will need to enlarge your turbo inlet so that more air can flow in the system. The best way to do this is by rotating your turbo system and using custom pipes and inlets.

Understanding these major advantages of rotating your turbo system should tell you more about why you should consider getting one for your own vehicle. The extra choices can help you get the best turbo for your needs, and the improved airflow can help your vehicle get more power.