12 Engine Modifications To Improve Performance

12 Engine Modifications To Improve Performance

Getting more performance from your engine means drawing out the full potential of your car. This higher performance can help you get more torque or horsepower from your vehicle, making it easier to drive or speed up your trips. However, you need the proper modifications to increase the performance of your engine. Take a look at some of the best modifications you can get for your engine’s performance.

Engine Management Systems

One of the best improvements you can make to your engine is the engine management system, and for Subarus and more, that is the Cobb Accessport. These small devices help everything run more efficiently and should be the first modification you make. The Cobb Accessport is an aftermarket performance product that allows you to make changes to your car’s power and performance. It is a flash drive that can be used to load engine tunes onto your car using Cobb’s tuning software. A plug and play engine management system is easy to put in your vehicle and can improve your engine in an instant.

Staged Power Packages

Want to take the easiest, most convenient route to start modding? Then look no further than the Staged Power Packages, which take the guessing out of it all. These packages include everything needed to make real-world power. COBB Tuning has made it so simple; they’ve done all the research, and the parts have been put together for your convenience, meaning they’re ready to bolt onto your vehicle. These kits normally consist of a performance intake, the COBB Accessport, and exhaust components such as a downpipe and cat-back exhaust depending on the kit.

Cold Air Intake

Airflow is vital for your engine and greatly impacts how much energy the engine can create at any given moment. Cold air intake systems can boost the airflow in your engine to create more horsepower during your whole trip. While the intake system doesn’t provide as much of a boost as nitrous, it can constantly improve your engine performance. Depending on the brand and type, you don’t need a tune, but make sure to read all the details. We always recommend that you work with pros to ensure the best setup for your vehicle.

Cat-Back Exhaust

While the exhaust pipe is at the end of the system to let out all the pressure and waste the engine creates, it’s still important for your system. Cat-back exhaust systems can improve a car’s performance by increasing horsepower and torque. The wider pipes in cat-back systems create more space for airflow, which can reduce back pressure. This can lead to improved fuel economy since the engine doesn’t need to work as hard to push the exhaust gases through the piping, which, in turn, reduces its load and results in higher fuel efficiency and economy… unless you have a lead foot! Invest in an exhaust that can handle more to help your engine function properly and give you that sweet sound you know and love.

MAP Adapters and Sensors

When the boost gets turned up, it’s time to swap out the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor. COBB has a plug and play solution that allows for precise measurement of pressures up to 4 bar. So, when you’re making choices and turning the boost up, take the right steps to ensure you get accurate measurements and boost control. The last thing you want is for the MAP sensor to fail mid-pull, so iWire and COBB carry adapters to make sure that you’re taken care of, and once again… you can plug and play!

Turbochargers and Superchargers

When looking for one upgrade that will majorly boost your engine’s output, you should look at turbochargers and superchargers. These upgrades focus on increasing the pressure on your engine and burning extra fuel to increase the horsepower from the system. Extreme Turbo Systems has some of the best turbo kits in the business. Of course, you can look at just a turbo from Forced Performance, Precision Turbo, or even Blouch Performance. There are many options, but we’re here to help, so don’t worry!

High-Performance Throttle Body

A throttle body is another important part of controlling the airflow to your engine. This part sits between the air intake filter and the manifold and relies on driver input to regulate how much air flows into the engine. Improving the performance of this part will help air flow smoothly into your engine and increase potential horsepower. In addition to increasing acceleration performance, performance throttle bodies can also boost overall horsepower.

Flex Fuel

Who doesn’t love the smell of corn in the morning? I know we do! Do you want to run your vehicle on a different fuel than the standard, such as E85 or specialized racing fuel? You’ll need to install a flex fuel kit to make it happen. Dirty Racing Products carries an impressive selection of flex fuel kits designed to tell your engine the ethanol level of the fuel you’re using. Install a Subaru flex fuel kit in your WRX, STI, Forester, or Legacy, or shop for our other flex fuel sensor kits designed for different makes and models. Improve your vehicle’s overall handling by giving it high-performance fuel!

Better Fuel Lines

Upgrading fuel lines can increase horsepower and performance and improve fuel economy. When you modify your engine to increase airflow, you need to upgrade the fuel system to match. Air is only half the formula when creating power from your engine, as you need fuel to power the vehicle. Thin fuel lines may take less room, but they limit how much fuel can flow into your vehicle. Aim to purchase fuel lines that match the needs of your engine to create a good balance of air inflow and fuel.

Fuel Injectors

Upgrading fuel injectors can increase horsepower and fuel economy while reducing emissions. Fuel injectors with a higher flow rate can deliver more fuel to the cylinders. When this extra fuel is mixed with more oxygen, more energy is released during combustion, which increases horsepower. Upgrading your fuel injectors can be a great way to increase the power of your engine, so long as you keep in mind that other modifications will need to be made as well in order to avoid engine problems.

Air Oil Separator

Air oil separators are a critical component in intercooler systems. They remove oil particles from the air entering the intercooler and return them to the oil pan. This increases the efficiency of the intercooler. Air/Oil separators (AOS) are excellent investments that keep your Subaru running well. Keeping oil out of the engine intake tract is extremely important for preventing premature mechanical failure and maintaining performance.

Headers & Manifolds

The header and/or manifold of your engine is one of the most important parts you can upgrade that affects the torque of your vehicle. While most people try to upgrade their horsepower, torque is important in driving up hills and staying in control of your vehicle. Try an upgraded intake manifold to improve your vehicle’s torque.

Important Vehicle Modifications for Performance

There are a lot of changes you can make to your vehicle outside your engine that affect performance. Knowing more about the following modifications can help you improve your vehicle, especially when you install them alongside engine modifications.

Better Brakes

Getting more horsepower and torque for your vehicle can increase the speed of your vehicle. You’ll want brakes that can keep up with the speed increase. Sticking with the factory brakes can be dangerous, as they may not handle the increase in power that well. We understand that the right braking system can make all the difference to your driving experience. That’s why we provide high-quality brake kits that can withstand the demands of high-performance driving.

Improved Suspension

Suspension is another key part of your vehicle, especially regarding horsepower. Your vehicle’s extra speed and performance can make your ride bumpy, but good suspension will help offset that and keep you going. Additionally, suspension keeps your wheels on the ground, giving you more traction when driving.

Trunk Spoiler

When you increase speed and drive fast, your car will naturally lose some control. Spoilers are an excellent option if you want to do what you can to offset this. The faster you drive with a spoiler, the more it helps keep your wheels on the ground. It’s an important modification if you’re driving fast.

In conclusion, many vehicles can get you where you need to go, but sometimes you need more from your automobile. That’s why knowing the modifications that improve engine performance can make such a big difference. Making these changes to your engine can help you get more out of your vehicle every time you drive it.

12 Engine Modifications To Improve Performance