What Type of Fuel Is Right for My Subaru?

A close-up of someone's hand while pumping gas into their dark grey vehicle at an illuminated gas station.

Choosing the right fuel for your Subaru is like finding the perfect pair of gloves—when you do, everything becomes smoother. Whether cruising down the highway or tackling rugged terrains, your car deserves the best. With so many fuel options, what fuel is best for your Subaru? Keep reading to learn more!

Unleaded Gasoline: The Everyday Hero

Subaru recommends using 87-octane unleaded gasoline for non-turbo engines and 93-octane premium unleaded gasoline for turbocharged engines. The higher octane is necessary for turbo engines due to their high compression ratio, which prevents engine knock and ensures optimal performance. Non-turbo engines can run efficiently on regular unleaded fuel, making it a practical choice for everyday drives.

Ethanol Blends: A Green Alternative

Ethanol-blended fuels, like E10 (10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline), burn cleaner and reduce emissions compared to other fuels. Subarus can efficiently run on E10 without any issues. Keep in mind that high ethanol blends like E85 aren’t suitable for all Subaru models.

FlexFuel: Versatility at Its Best

Looking to upgrade your vehicle? A Subaru FlexFuel Kit might be just what you need! This handy kit allows your Subaru to run on regular gasoline and high-ethanol blends like E85, offering more flexibility at the pump.

Premium Fuels: Performance Unleashed

Premium fuels are your best friends if you drive a performance-oriented Subaru, like the WRX or STI. These high-octane fuels help the engine perform at its peak, delivering more power and better throttle response. While they come with a higher price tag than regular gasoline, the performance and engine benefits make it worthwhile.

Make the Best Decision Today

By understanding the best fuel types for your Subaru and their benefits, you can give your vehicle the best care and help it operate at peak performance. The next time you’re at the pump, you’ll know what your Subaru needs to continue those adventures! Browse Dirty Racing Products for FlexFuel Kits to maximize your Subaru’s performance.