Do Bumper Guards Work? What You Need To Know

Do Bumper Guards Work? What You Need To Know

A good bumper guard is a great addition to any vehicle. It’s one of the most popular modifications on the market, as it protects your vehicle from damage. However, it’s important to know how the bumper guard works and benefits your vehicle before installing it.

Debris Damage

One of the main benefits of the bumper guard is that it protects your vehicle from small debris that strikes the base of your vehicle when you drive. The tires will kick up small rocks and pebbles, causing light damage and denting your bumper over time. A bumper guard takes the hits for your vehicle, saving you money on repairs and keeping your vehicle in good shape.

Light Collisions

Bumper guards provide extra protection against collisions, shielding your vehicle from damage. However, they only work for light collisions, preventing minor damage if the crash isn’t forceful. Any protection is better than no protection, especially during parking mishaps.

Protecting Accessories and Parts

Another great thing about these guards is the extra protection they offer to the accessories on your bumper. Your vehicle’s license plate and the frame around it are quite fragile, but the bumper guard adds security for these parts. This is why you’ll see Subaru Crosstrek bumper guards and other street vehicles using these mods.

Other Vehicle Protection

Sadly, bumper guards don’t protect other vehicles during a crash. While the guard shields your vehicle from some damage, it doesn’t offer the same protection to other vehicles. You should avoid confusing how bumper guards work and think that small crashes don’t matter because of the extra protection.

Understanding the benefits and purpose of bumper guards will help you make an informed decision on whether it’s a good fit for your needs. Everyone can benefit from a bumper guard on their vehicle, but it’s important to know the reasons for the upgrade and how it benefits your vehicle.