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Whiteline Rear Subframe Mount Bushing Kit Subaru WRX / STI 2015-2021 / Forester XT 2014-2017


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Subaru's rear subframe is mounted on rubber voided bushings which allows for a significant amount of compliance/movement in the frame during high cornering loads. Whiteline's low compliance polymer bushings eliminate this condition by positively locking in the frame position and removing the 'lateral walking' found when using high grip tires. The polymer bushing design has soft 'stand-off' buffers on the top and bottom surfaces of the bushing to allow slight vertical bushing movement of the subframe to eliminate that 'rock-solid' NVH feel and cushion against minor bumps and allow solid positive location when high torque and power is applied.

IMPORTANT NOTES - Positive traction kit - locks subframe to body

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