VP Racing Press ‘N Pour Gas Can

VP Racing Press ‘N Pour Gas Can


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Looking for a 5-gallon plastic gas can that makes refueling safe, quick, and easy? The VP Press 'N Pour Gas Can is your perfect solution. Our portable fuel container is made in the U.S.A. It holds 5.5 gallons, allowing you to carry more fuel than a standard 5-gallon gas can.

Press 'N Pour meets and exceeds all safety regulations of ASTM, EPA, and CARB. We design it with a permanent, affixed FlexFMD Flame Mitigation Device. The device has over 100,000 perforations. These perforations protect against flame jetting while not impeding flow in or out.

Press 'N Pour is easy for you to handle and pour, thanks to its innovative spout that features an ergonomic grip. You get precise and fast flow control with a simple button press. Our safety gas can has a self-venting spout that automatically shuts off. You can fill your tank to the top without ever wasting a drop.

Press ‘N Pour is versatile. You'll always have emergency fuel on hand and it's great for filling vehicles. If you mow your own lawn, it's the perfect lawn mower gas can. In fact, it's ideal for refueling all your portable outdoor power equipment.

Keep your gas-powered engines running year­ round with the VP Racing Press 'N Pour portable gas can.


  • Ergonomic spout with press button - makes fueling easy.
  • Manual flow control - Ensures precise & accurate pouring
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM, EPA, CARB, & Consumer Product Safety Commission safety regulations
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