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Torque Solution Dual AVCS Exhaust Cam Sprocket Tool (Compact): Subaru STi 2008-2016

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Torque Solution Dual AVCS Exhaust Cam Sprocket Tool (Compact)
Application: Subaru STi 2008-2016

Torque Solution Dual AVCS Exhaust Cam Sprocket Tool for Subaru STi 2008-2016. We designed our tool to be compact and easily fit in any mechanics or DIYer's tool box. Works with any 1/2" drive ratchet or breaker bar. Precision laser cut from high strength steel and then Zinc coated for durability to last for years in your tool box. Makes removing cam gears faster and easier preventing unwanted damage from improper tools. Perfect for general cam seal maintenance, faster head removal or faster motor rebuilds.

Interchangeable with factory tool part # 499977500
- Duarable Laser Cut Steel W/ Zinc Coating
- Compact Design
- Wide range of applications
- Limited Lifetime Warranty
- Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2008-2016

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