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Torque Solution Rear Subframe Lockdown Bolts: Subaru


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Torque Solution Shifter Bushings
Applications: Subaru

Torque Solution continues to push the limits of high performance aftermarket products with our Rear Subframe Lockdown Bolts. They will help put your power to the ground by preventing the rear subframe from moving under heavy lateral loads. Developed to perform under the most extreme conditions by using Grade 12.9 metric bolts and strong Delrin material specifically chosen by our team of engineers to last a lifetime. All this makes it easy for us to stand behind them with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

- Improved 60fts / e.t's
- Installs in under 30 minutes
- Self Lubricating Delrin
- Solid feeling gear changes
- Street and track torture tested
- Life Time Warranty


2.5i 2.5L 2006
2.5i 2.5L 2007
Base 1.8L 1993
Base 1.8L 1994
Base 1.8L 1995
Brighton 1.8L 1996
Brighton 1.8L 1997
Brighton 2.2L 1997
L 1.8L 1993
L 1.8L 1994
L 2.2L 1995
L 1.8L 1995
L 1.8L 1996
L 1.8L 1996
L 2.2L 1996
L 2.2L 1997
L 2.2L 1998
L 2.2L 1998
L 2.2L 1999
L 2.2L 1999
L 2.2L 2000
L 2.2L 2001
LS 1.8L 1993
LS 1.8L 1994
LX 2.2L 1995
LX 2.2L 1996
Outback 1.8L 1995
Outback 2.2L 1996
Outback 2.2L 1997
Outback 2.2L 1998
Outback 2.2L 1998
Outback 2.2L 1999
Outback 2.2L 1999
Outback 2.2L 2000
Outback 2.2L 2001
Outback 2.5L 2002
Outback 2.5L 2003
Outback 2.5L 2004
Outback Sport 2.5L 2005
Outback Sport 2.5L 2006
Outback Sport 2.5L 2007
RS 2.5L 1998
RS 2.5L 1999
RS 2.5L 2000
RS 2.5L 2001
RS 2.5L 2002
RS 2.5L 2003
RS 2.5L 2004
RS 2.5L 2005
TS 2.5L 2002
TS 2.5L 2003
TS 2.5L 2004
WRX 2.0L 2002
WRX 2.0L 2003
WRX 2.0L 2004
WRX 2.0L 2005
WRX 2.5L 2006
WRX 2.5L 2007
WRX Limited 2.5L 2006
WRX Limited 2.5L 2007
WRX STI 2.5L 2004
WRX STI 2.5L 2005
WRX STI 2.5L 2006
WRX STI 2.5L 2007
WRX STI Limited 2.5L 2007
WRX TR 2.5L 2006
WRX TR 2.5L 2007

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