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Motul 8100 Eco-Nergy 5W30 Engine Oil - 5L (1.3 gal.)


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The Motul 8100 Eco-Nergy 5W30 Motor Oil. This oil can be used in a variety of gasoline, diesel, turbocharged, as well as direct-injected vehicles.

This oil is a 100% synthetic blend designed for the latest generation of gasoline, diesel, LPG, turbo-charged, and direct injection engines. It has synthetic base stocks and specific friction modifier molecules that provide an outstanding oil film resistance €”reducing friction in the engine, maintaining the oil pressure, and generally decreasing the operating temperature. This lubricant helps to reduce fuel consumption by 10 percent (cranking and stop-and-go use), lowers pollutant emissions, and offers optimal protection against engine wear. It meets ACEA A5/B5 standards.


  • 5W30 Viscosity
  • 100% Fully Synthetic
  • Provides anti-wear protection for longer life and improved power and responsiveness
  • Sold individually in a 5-liter container

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