MoTeC M142 ECU Package for Subaru WRX 2022+ FA24DIT
MoTeC M142 ECU Package for Subaru WRX 2022+ FA24DIT
MoTeC M142 ECU Package for Subaru WRX 2022+ FA24DIT
MoTeC M142 ECU Package for Subaru WRX 2022+ FA24DIT
MoTeC M142 ECU Package for Subaru WRX 2022+ FA24DIT

MoTeC M142 ECU Package for Subaru WRX 2022+ FA24DIT


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The Motec M142 Plug & Play ECU package provides a complete replacement for the factory ECU in your 2022+ Subaru WRX powered by the FA24dit engine. This M142 Motec packages deliver unmatched performance and functionality perfect for any Motorsports build whether it be drag racing, rally or to time attack. Our PnP Motec package utilizes the oem engine harness and all oem sensors for a super easy to install yet effective ECU package. The M142 fully supports DI + Port injection which means HUGE power potential for your FA24 WRX. Along with fuel, ignition, throttle and camshaft control, the WRX Motec M142 package also supports popular features like Flex Fuel, engine protection strategies, closed loop fueling, closed loop individual cylinder knock control and motorsports related features such as Anti lag, flat shift and launch control. If you are looking for the top of the line ECU package for your 2022+ WRX build this is it no questions asked.

WRX Motec M142 ECU Package Included Hardware:

  • M142 ECU (pre loaded with the 2022+ WRX fa24 firmware package)
  • Plug-N-Play patch harness (plugs into you oem engine harness and motec M142 ecu for an easy install)
  • MoTeC LTC and LSU 4.9 lambda sensor (wideband AFR sensor and control module)

Motec M142 Subaru 2022 WRX package features:

  • This full standalone kit replaces the stock ECU and provides a powerful tuning solution. The M142 kit plugs right in to your 2022+ Subaru WRX and includes a start up calibration/base map.
  • Complete integration with the Subaru CAN bus
  • Full control of all engine tuning parameters including fuel, timing, boost, launch, etc with live tuning via supplied ethernet cable
  • Optional sensors and sub harness wiring can be added to the base kit, to customize for any application
    Control of primary (direct) and secondary (port) injection
  • Closed loop lambda control – using included LTC lambda module and sensor
  • Flex fuel control – adjust fuel, timing, boost, cold start and more based upon ethanol content
  • Launch control – trigger from vehicle speed or add an external switch
  • Integrated CO2/wastegate pressure control – controls a fill/bleed solenoid setup to control wastegate pressure
  • Comprehensive knock control using OE sensor can be adjusted to suit any mechanical changes to the engine.

The M142 ECU package for the FA24 WRX seamlessly integrates with all of our other MoTeC products such as the Motec C125 and C127 digital displays to further enhance the driving experience. Package your ECU with any Motec, AEM, Link or Haltech digital dash and save $$$. Not sure what digital dash option is best suited for your race car? Send us an email or call any time, our team is always here to ensure you get exactly the parts and service you need to reach your goals.

All Motec ECU’s and packages are special order items built specifically for your application. There are no cancellations or exchanges for special order items do to the fact each package is built specifically for each order/application. Canceled orders are subject to a minimum 20% processing fee.

***ALL Motec and other ECU packages are for off road Motorsports use ONLY. Please be sure to check you local laws and regulations before you modify your car

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