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Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo Subaru STI 2004-2021


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Kartboy's Shifter Bushings Combo includes their front and rear bushings in a complete set for 2004-2021 STI and 2007-09 Legacy GT Spec B. The 6 speed blue front bushings are made from 95A durometer polyurethane and while this product will not change the geometry of the shifting mechanism, it eliminates excessive play in the system for a more solid gear change.

The combination also adds Kartboy's rear shifter bushing and like other wear and tear items, your factory rear shifter bushing will become soft over time, creating a loose shifter feel and increased movement under all acceleration circumstances. The Kartboy unit eliminates this problem by tightening up any loose ends with their much stiffer design.

This product requires jacking of the car and jack stands are mandatory.

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