ETS T3 or T4 Size Turbo Blanket

ETS T3 or T4 Size Turbo Blanket


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Designed to work with both T3 or T4 Size V-band in/out housings from PTE, TiAL and Garrett. Made from Fiberglass

**This will NOT work on OEM Turbochargers**

Thanks to the world wide web, here's a guide to help you determine sizing: 

Ensure that you choose the correct size turbo blanket by measuring the outer diameter of your turbochargers' "hot side" where the exhaust-fed impeller is located. If the hot side has an internal wastegate, some slight modifications may be necessary for proper fit (such as trimming a section of the blanket).

Please use the following table to determine the appropriate size for your turbo blanket:

Hot Side Diameter Universal Turbo Blanket Sizes:
5 to 6 inches T3 turbo blanket
6 to 7.5 inches T3/T4 turbo blanket
7.5 to 8.5 inches Large T4 turbo blanket

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