Nameless Performance

Each time we tell people the name of our business, we have to explain why we chose to call ourselves Nameless Performance. It's quite simple really – it exemplifies our business model and our sense of humor. We do things differently, more awesome, with large portions of engineering and crazy fabrication.

As eBay and certain companies on internet provide a flood of overseas "knock off" products into enthusiast hands, paired with little to no customer service, customer involvement or qualification, it became evident to us that a radical alternative was necessary. As enthusiasts of pretty much everything mechanical, we have had very few experiences with manufacturers that were as personal and connected as we would prefer. So, we decided to make what we thought a company in this industry should be a reality. When discussing what to call this company, it was evident that using our names or some pairing of hyperbole and motorsports catch phrases was not going to convey anything about us or our customers or why we do what we do. So why not put out a name that begs a question.

Sure, our name is a sardonic poke-in-the-eye at the no name flood of go-fast parts and $400 turbo kits that are for sale everywhere but nobody ever seems to be running. It's also a road sign to what drives the company – the company is made up of not just us, but the names and faces of all of our customers, vendors and associates who participate in the development process and drive us to make the best parts possible for their vehicles. We take the fight to the knock off parts industry with clever solutions that cheap labor, materials, and robots cannot replicate easily.

In stark contrast to the other guys, we're a proud and self proclaimed home shop industry. We started on the property of one of the owners in a 36×48 two story pole building and only moved a few years ago when we were bursting at the seams in that shop. We've realized that we don't need to pay rent in some oversized cubicle farm of a business park in order to do what we want and succeed at making products that our customers want. In that spirit we purchased an old Chevy dealership complex and repurposed the buildings to suit our manufacturing needs.