TX2K 2019

TX2K 2019 | Dirty Racing Products

Historically TX2K has been about the kings of import drag racing, the Toyota Supra and more recently the R35 GTR. Yet, as the event continues to evolve, so do the stories and machines that fill the staging lanes and blast down the quarter mile. As fun as it is to watch 2000 horsepower GTRs and Italian Exotics., the stick-shift class is probably my favorite to watch…and not just because that’s where the Subarus play. The enjoyment of manually rowing the gears never gets old and it’s even better when you get to see a smorgasbord of fast cars from every enthusiast group lined up side by side. Four-door imports, AWD converted Civics, modern and classic American muscle. With V8’s, straight 6’s, and every configuration of 4 cylinder turbo monsters, all going toe to toe. There is a bit of flavor from everywhere, and it all tastes good.

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