Must-Have Air Induction Mods for Your Subaru

Must-Have Air Induction Mods for Your Subaru

The air intake of your Subaru has a big impact on the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. That’s why it’s one of the best targets for modifications if you want to improve your Subaru. To help you understand how you can improve your car, here are some different air induction mods you should get for your Subaru.

Cold Air Intake

Cold air intake modifications help bring in cooler air to the hot environment under your car’s hood. The cold air helps prevent overheating and can greatly speed up performance. This can help generate more horsepower and torque in your system and increase fuel efficiency. A cold air intake is a great modification for any vehicle because it helps you save money over time and get more out of your vehicle.

TGV Deletes

A normal Subaru uses butterfly valves by the intake runners to restrict airflow. TGV deletes help safely open up that airflow so each cylinder can get more air than the base factory design allows. This extra air means more capacity in your engine so it can generate more force, giving you more torque and horsepower. To boost airflow and get extra performance in your vehicle, you need to invest in TGV delete kits.

Air Filters

Your engine needs clean air to properly process fuel, with unclean air reducing efficiency and possibly harming the vehicle. That’s why for every vehicle, including the Subaru, air filters are a must-have air induction modification. Filters help protect your vehicle, especially if you get the other mods, like the TGV deletes, that boost airflow to your engine.

These modifications can help you greatly improve your Subaru so it performs how you want. Proper investment in your Subaru will help you create a vehicle that fits all your needs and lasts longer than an unmodified vehicle. That’s why these modifications are worth it.