Debunking 5 Common Myths About Aftermarket Auto Parts

Debunking 5 Common Myths About Aftermarket Auto Parts

If you’re interested in doing your own auto repairs and part replacements, you may wonder whether original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are inherently better than their aftermarket counterparts. Have you heard any of these common myths about aftermarket auto parts before? Let Dirty Racing Products debunk those misconceptions one by one.

Voiding Your Warranty

If your car is still under warranty, you may believe that installing aftermarket parts renders that warranty useless. However, you are not beholden to the manufacturer! Aftermarket auto parts have no effect on your car’s warranty; the manufacturer can’t hold you to solely using OEM parts.

Reducing the Car’s Value

As long as you purchase alternative auto parts from a reputable aftermarket parts store, you won’t reduce the value of your car by installing them. Aftermarket auto parts are tested as thoroughly as OEM parts, and their quality is just as reliable.

Does Aftermarket Mean Counterfeit?

Counterfeit auto parts are entirely different from aftermarket parts. High-quality aftermarket auto parts do not try to pass themselves off as coming from the original manufacturer! They are simply manufactured by a different yet equally reputable company.

Isn’t OEM Better?

Because aftermarket auto parts are often less expensive than their OEM equivalents, some car enthusiasts believe that they are of lesser quality. Original manufacturers occasionally imply that aftermarket parts are inferior and that only OEM parts can get the job done.

However, that simply isn’t true! OEM and aftermarket are essentially the same parts and do the same things for your car; all that’s missing on an aftermarket part is the brand name.

Safety Concerns

When you shop for aftermarket car parts, structural integrity and overall safety should be on your list of top priorities. Rest assured that there’s nothing inherently less safe or sturdy about aftermarket parts. They are manufactured by reputable companies and are tested thoroughly to meet safety requirements.

As you browse for aftermarket auto parts, don’t be misled by all the common myths and misconceptions out there. Original part manufacturers want you to spend extra money on their parts, so of course they’re going to try and scare you out of buying aftermarket parts! Now that we’ve debunked some of the most common myths about aftermarket parts, feel free to shop for all the aftermarket parts for your car on our website!