4 Ways To Improve Your Engine’s Performance

4 Ways To Improve Your Engine’s Performance

Many auto enthusiasts love to modify their cars, whether to achieve a certain aesthetic or improve their fuel efficiency. If you want your engine to rumble like a rally car’s, you’re in luck. There are plenty of options at your disposal! Check out these tips for improving your engine’s performance, courtesy of Dirty Racing Products.

Supercharge It

Install a supercharger in your engine to force more air into the intake. More air moving through the engine means more fuel combustion, which translates to greater rumbling power for you. A supercharger spins faster than the engine itself at 50,000 revolutions per minute.

Hot Tip

Turbochargers work similarly to superchargers, but a turbine within the exhaust stream that uses excess exhaust gases powers them. Meanwhile, the engine directly powers superchargers.

Install a Cold Air Intake

Most cars’ air intake systems draw warm air into the engine for fuel combustion. It’s a fine system but not perfect.

The higher density of cold air makes for more powerful fuel combustion and better engine performance overall. A cold air intake system is an easy way to increase your horsepower!

Delete the TGV

A car’s tumble generator valve (TGV) restricts airflow and reduces vehicle emissions at lower speeds. Many folks use delete kits to get rid of it and boost their horsepower.

Got a Subaru WRX rally car? Invest in a WRX TGV delete to increase airflow and get your engine rumbling perfectly.

Put in a Performance Chip

If you have a late-model car, it almost definitely has an internal computer regulating its various functions. However, not everyone wants to use the factory presets! Installing a performance chip is a great way to “hack” your car’s computer system and tinker with those settings to increase engine power.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your engine’s performance, look no further than Dirty Racing Products. We have the parts and pro tips you need to boost your horsepower.